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Southern California Edison (or SCE Corp), the largest subsidiary of Edison International, is the primary electricity supply company for much of Southern California. It provides 14 million people with electricity across a service territory of approximately 50,000 square miles. However, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, San Diego Gas & Electric and Imperial Irrigation District.

A former energy advisor mentioned, "For an energy advisor you take constant verbal abuse and punishment from customers, all the while you are 100% no room for error. Its unhuman to take that much punishment and not have your company stand up for you. SCE has now put in place a new coaching protocol that will get you fired very fast and the stress level to keep up with the customer service level they want is unhuman. They want to just run through reps and not care if they have a nervous breakdown ."


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Former Employee - Program/Project Analyst says

"This company is racist! African Americans cannot promote and are subject to systematic racism. Hispanics promote their own."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managed sucked and favored"

Current Employee - Analyst says

"1. Hired for one thing, but tasks once hired were different. 2. No flexibility or telecommute option. 3. In effective management. 4. Bad location ( Rosemead) 5. Change in job title after only a few months to a lower title than what I was hired for. 6. No one listens to any suggestions for improvements. 7. Lack of respect for individual contributors."


"Those lazy nepotic pant loads"

Current Employee - Senior Advisor says

"The work environment can be toxic for people of color. It manifests as micro aggressions, demeaning and condescending language and being completely ignored, as if you’re invisible."

Former Employee - Accounting Professional says

"Company culture rewards mediocrity. The overall controllers group is largely consisted of folks who worked there for a long time but lacked the competency that you would expect from a Fortune 500 company. In recent years the management had launched various rounds of reorganizations and laid off some employees. They also attempted to attract more competent CPAs from outside, but the company was unable to retain talents as turnover within the newly hired employees were high. The company does not offer many opportunities for learning or career growth. Internal promotion is nearly impossible unless you have the connection to the upper middle management. The working knowledge attained is not transferable due to the specialized utilities industry. Not recommended for younger professionals as the middle management is consisted of older folks thst had no appreciation for new bloods, particularly toward millennials."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management has no idea on how to keep talents. Can't make decisions and can't create an environment that foster collaboration and good culture. Management only favorite certain personality, no diversity."

Current Employee - Customer Service says

"Customers are sick and in horrendous conditions, payment systems are always down and we can't help them, they end up defaulting on their deposits and forced to pay higher amounts but it's not their fault your billing systems don't work."

Former Employee - IT Specialist says

"A jobs program for people who work hard at moving dirt piles from one hole to another"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Do you want to go to work, do little and never make a decision or take the lead? Do you like to collaborate with no results or accountability? Like to spend as much time as possible doing non job related activities? This might sound very attractive for some, and would be rewarded. It also means living in mediocrity without making this country even a better one"

Energy advisor (Current Employee) says

"For an energy advisor you take constant verbal abuse and punishment from customers, all the while you are 100% no room for error. Its unhuman to take that much punishment and not have your company stand up for you. They have now put in place a new coaching protocal that will get you fired very fast and the stress level to keep up with the customer service level they want is unhuman. They want to just run through reps and not care if they have a nervous breakdown .NoneEverything"

Supervisor III (Former Employee) says

"Awful managers at the lower levels. Lack of training and weeding out of poor people managers. More effort needs to be dedicated to having the best people in leadership positions."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Edison started out being a real good company to work for then they changed management in the call center and started treating us like we were puppets. We were no longer able to think for ourselves and everything became cookie cutter. Once I exposed on of their "GOOD OL BOYS" for lying, I became the target. They lie, cheat and will do anything to get you!!!!Leaving at the end of the daytoo many to name"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It was very stressful, long hours, no chance for innovation. They eould a lot of work and they wouldn't help by not invetinh new ways to do. the work We were temps but we were comsider stupidnoneheavy work load"

Senior Finance Manager (Current Employee) says

"Working here was an eye opening experience compared to my previous company. I think the company needs a more focused approach to improving communications, systems, process etc."

Distribution Engineer (Former Employee) says

"mgmt does not care; engineers are overworked, no OT, your reward as a high performer is to give you more work, mgmt keeps saying they are aware of work-life balance, but really does nothing to address itdecent benefitsmgmt"

Transformation Management Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Nepotism is a watch word here. The rate of change and innovation moves at a glacial pace. Managers were promoted beyond their capacity and capability. The company was sued over how they treated full-time contractors and lost. This is just a proxy for the culture."

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Benefits good very stressful place to work. Layoff are very common no promotion for jobs management only thinks of themselves.Benefits goodNo work life balance"

Contract Manager (Former Employee) says

"The leadership purchased a $500,000,000 nuclear steam engine that worked too well. However the existing piping need upgrades. The leadership wen to California for another $500,000,000 and they closed the nuclear plant down. SCE laid off 5000 workers and the leadership remained."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Does not treat employees as people but more like robots. Not flexible with family life. Great pension and Benefits. Lots of room for growth. Managers are not helpful for advancement"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Job has not leadership and very demeaning with staff and humiliation."

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is on the decline for many, many years to come. The company has laid off the wrong people. They let go of the all the good and honest employees, and keep the employees (especially managers) who lie and cheat. Upper management seems to value the liabilities who break the laws and lie, and will fire the honest and hardworking employees. It would be worthwhile to look elsewhere, and stay far away from working at this company.NoneHorrible management, too many hours, poor compensation, will fire an employee for going to HR, Upper management protects and retains bad managers."

Project Analyst 2 (Former Employee) says

"SCE is a nice place to work. But, they do not offer you a stable position. I was hired as Project Analyst and Crystal Report developer and after some months they forced to change my position as an assistant manager in other location farther away from home. How I did not accept. I was fire.Friendly place to workThey change your position and place to work any time they want, even to do works that you do not have any experiences."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Call Center Environment is poor. Mandatory OT all The time with little to no notice. There isn't any manager or supervisor support if they call hands on deck you will not see one of them on the phones. Instead of backfilling positions when employees leave they set up "developmental opportunities" where you do the job of a supervisor but keep your current pay. T & D does not promote from within. In fact members of HR have stated they don't normally consider employees at the call center for other openings. The last planner class that went through had 19 external candidates and 3 SCE employees. Even though we are going through reductions in force in various places they still hire more people off the street rather than filling spots with displaced loyal employees. There is no loyalty at this company in leadership. All that matters is saving money no matter what the personal cost. Moral is at an all time low and I have seen many qualified, hard-working, educated employees leave to work for other companies because SCE does not promote internally enough. Employees are trying of staying stagnant and watching external candidates move up in the company while they continue to work the same go no where job for years. I don't recommend this company. It is no longer the "stable" utility good job everyone once thought it was. It's just another company trying to maximize profit while minimizing overhead. Over 50% of their jobs are outsourced. Run don't walk from here.401k, Pension, Co-workersMandatory OT without notice, low pay, does not promote from within"

Project Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Worked for company 18 years started as a Meter Reader, Fields Service Specialist, Business Analyst, Project Analyst"

Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The nepotism and favoritism is so bad at this company that I have never recommended SCE as a good company to work for. I have so many examples but I'll refrain."

Senior Employee Relations Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Expect to have zero work/life balance. You can work over 60 hours a week and still have management not care about your welfare. If you are exempt, this hurts your true compensation. Don't expect to progress quickly either."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Constant, unorganized, not effective thought-out changes and reorganizations to tasks, reporting structures, departments, etc. Chaotic: extremely difficult to maintain composure and postive, enthusiastic attitude to get to work, keep job, etc. Toxic work environment; brown-nosing, intimidation; back-stabbing. Promotions, telecommuting, special allowances not by earning them but by "who" you know. Old boys club mentality. Way behind technology or completely absent to foster efficiency and self-growth. Hypocrites - compay doesn't care about the 'person' only the bottom line. Extreme micro management to the point of suffocation. Performance appraisals are a joke - one-sided. Reporting retaliation, ethics violations, etc. to HR on numerous occassions went nowhere/presented no improvements or changes.worst job experience ever!"

HR (Current Employee) says

"The company is morally bankrupt. The HR Function has no credibility and deserves none. Senior management talks about values and fails to recognize the failure to live up to the promises. Sorry I work here.better than unemploymentlack of respect for employees"

GC Services (Former Employee) says

"Some days were busy and stressful and none of the managers would give us correct answers to questions we had and we would get in trouble because of the wrong answers.Get paidshort breaks, cussed at, and yelled at a lot"

Joe says

"SCE has got to be the worst of the worst. Phone numbers that are not worth calling unless you want to hear all billing options. Make it impossible to talk to anyone and state your difficulty. The website is equally restrictive and has a limited number of canned in options. No Avenue for feedback. Primitive website that does not allow updating of obsolete phone numbers by paying customers. Not clear what fool runs their IT Dept Poor website design. Unreachable “customer service” & online “help” that is no help at all "

Another power grab says

"Now if you use power at all after work it’s double the rate because they have a monopoly and no one can stop them"

Craig says

"What a collection of thugs. I have yet to have a positive contact with anyone from Edison. $37k out of pocket from Edison damage to my home. Time to clean up this \"municipal utility\" -- they are destroying So. Cal. "

cra says

"Time to clean up So. Cal Edison. I have not met a bigger collection of thugs. What cesspool do you hire from? $37K in damage to my home from defective SCE equipment and not even a phone call. No you are getting sued SCE! 71 power outages at my home yet the CEO takes a 7 figure salary. 100 years to get it right and SCE can\'t keep the power on. Is this a criminal, enterprise? Clean up your act SCE. -- "

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